IncrediFlash Xtreme
IncrediFlash XTreme is a versatile tool to help you quickly and easily build Flash animations without the need for Flash experience. The streamlined user interface allows you to add text animations, images, interactivities, actions, sounds, videos, and voices with only a few clicks. There is no need to write any script.


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Create compelling Flash banners with text animations and multimedia
Make a Flash introduction to spice up your website
Build professional interactive Flash movies for presentations, e-learning, product demonstration, marketing materials, advertisements, etc.


Movie 1 Movie 2 Movie 3
Flash movies created using IncrediFlash XTreme


Key Features

Create projects easily by using wizard

Create a professional looking flash banner, photo slideshow, navigation buttons in less than a minute by using a step by step wizard. See screenshot

Use Components to enhance your movies

Components is a shape or clipart with additional handles and parameters you can use to modify it's behaviors and appearances. See examples

100 + Highly Customizable Text effects
Text Effects

Choose from 100+ text effects. Each effect is highly customizable, allowing you to produce totally different effect by a little tweaking. See examples

100+ Looping Effects
Add looping effect to text, image, clipart and even video to spice up your animated banner.
Add Scene Transition Effect
Scene Transition There are 300+ transition effects to choose from our effect library. Transition effect can play at the same time with other animated objects. See examples
Add New Flash 8 Filters and Blend modes
Flash 8 Filters Add new Flash 8 filters and blend modes such as drop shadow, blur, glow, bevel, gradient glow, screen, inverse, lighten, gradient bevel, etc. instantly. See examples
Import Multimedia Files
Add multimedia components such as video, sound (event/streaming) and music, Flash movie clips (.swf file), and voice recordings.
Timeline Window
Timeline Window A streamlined graphical user interface with timeline window to adjust object duration and effect timing. It also shows a sound waveform, allowing you to synchronize sound and animation much easier.
Add Interactivities and Actions
Add interactivities and actions to a mouse event such as: show/hide objects, play/pause main movie, video, or sound, open a website, send an email, rewind movie, and many more. You do not need to write any script.
Gradient / Animated / Image Backgrounds
Choose various background styles such as transparent, solid color, gradient and animated background with customizable colors from the built-in background library.
Stylish Background
Insert Layer Effects
Add layer effects such as lighting, clouds, thunder, rain, etc. from the built-in effect library. Each effect is fully customizable allowing you to change the color, speed, etc.
Layer Effects
See examples
Powerful Publishing Options
Publish as:
Streaming Flash SWF and HTML ready for online viewing
Executable file and autorun CD/DVD with customizable splash screen, usage limit and registration
DVD movie playable on TV with any DVD players
AVI movie importable into your favourite video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere, Ulead Video Studio, Microsoft Movie Maker, etc.
Publish to MPEG1/2/4 and Quicktime MOV file.
Upload online into your own website/FTP server using the built-in FTP client.
Screensaver with/without installalation.
Publish to YouTube video (High Definition is supported)
Publish to IPod/IPhone/IPad/PSP/Mobile Phone videos
Print one or more scenes from your movie


Built-in ClipArt and Shape Library
Add clipart such as arrows, objects, shapes from the built-in clipart library.
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